Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be Covered!

"What are you afraid of, My beloved?
Why are you upset when you hear about the sins of your people?
Why do you feel the need to try to 'balance' things?
If you justify and excuse your people's sin,
aren't you saying that you have no sin?
Does citing the sin of other people do away with yours?

I am knocking on the door of your heart, My beloved!

You have closed your ears to hearing the truth about your nation;
you have closed your eyes to the oppressed at home and abroad;
you have closed your hands toward those your nation has wounded;
you have closed your hearts to those I have commanded you to love.

Do not hide behind the sins of others, My beloved,
but come let Me give you peace about yours.
Do not run away from guilt, but instead run to Me!
Your nation's righteousnesses cannot cover your nakedness.
Come to Me and let Me clothe you in My righteousness instead."


Art: "Naked Before Him"

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