Monday, July 15, 2013

"Prophesy, My Native Witnesses!"

"I am raising up prophets and putting My word
in the mouths of the First Nations remnant.
They will be My witnesses to those who in My name
give themselves to a kingdom built on blood and injustice.

Cry out! Cry out, My Native prophets!
Cry out the truth of who I am!
Cry out the Gospel to those who have
seared their conscience with national myths!

Cry out for mercy on behalf of
My sons and daughters in Babylon!
Cry out for them to be spared
from the coming destruction!

Receive My Spirit and My agape love
for those who live as enemies of the Cross!
Weep and wail for those who have hardened hearts!
Prophesy to My perishing people!"


Art: "Light of the Nation"

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