Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Bride and the Seduced

"The time has come of apostasy,
falling away and rebellion.
Lawless ones have come
from inside of the temple
and departed from the teaching
of the apostles of the Lamb.

Many are being seduced by
the temptations I resisted:

I refused to use the power of My Spirit
for My own personal gain,
but today many who call themselves 'anointed'
use My name and spiritual power
as a means of gaining wealth
and whatever miracles they lust after.

I refused to abuse My Father's trust
by acting reckless and expecting His protection,
but today many who call themselves 'God’s people'
mistreat and exploit their neighbors
instead of loving and serving them,
and expect not to reap what they sow.

I refused to serve Satan
and disregard My Father's commands,
but today many who claim to be part of My Kingdom
seek to take dominion over the lands,
peoples and kingdoms of the earth,
and so bow to Satan instead of to Me.

Those who have been seduced
appear prosperous and strong.
They cannot see the darkness
that surrounds them,
or the clouds of judgment
gathering overhead.

Cry out, My servants,
cry out for your brothers and sisters
who have become prostitutes!

Stand among them as witnesses
just as I dwelt among you
and made intercession for you.

Follow the Lamb:
love and weep for those in Babylon
just as I loved and wept for Jerusalem."


Art: "The Temptation of the Bride"

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