Sunday, August 03, 2014

"Worship the Image"

"Who is like Israel?
His dominion has been restored;
his wound has been healed.
All who curse him are cursed;
all who bless him are blessed.
All who love him are loved.

Who can stand against him
or make war against him?
Fire comes down from heaven
to devour his enemies,
and he tramples underfoot
those who strike back at him.

Those who support him will prosper,
but those who do not support him
will lose their favor and their reward.
All you people who worship Jesus Christ:
turn from your sins and honor Israel
lest you be judged in another way!

Blessed are those who devote to Israel
their hearts and their minds
and the works of their hands;
blessed are those who have
written his name on their foreheads
and on their hands!"

—the Breath and Spirit of the Image


Art: "Open Your Eyes"

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