Tuesday, November 18, 2014


"My people,

You are My precious children
and I love you more than you will
ever be able to understand.

I am going to let your influence
in your nation decrease
even further than you have seen.

I am going to allow those whom you
consider My enemies to gain
more power and high position.

I am going to allow laws
to be passed which will
seem godless to you.

I am not punishing you.
Instead I am drawing you
back to the gospel.
I am wooing you away
from the other lovers
you have given yourselves to—
politics, position and the law.

Will you pursue Me
or will you continue to
pursue your other lovers?

I am waiting for you at the Cross."


Art: "Heaven Sought"

1 comment:

  1. Yahweh has asked in His word......when I return will I find faith in the earth? I pray that my faith does not fail......nor the faith of my fellow believers.


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