Tuesday, November 25, 2014

False Shelter

"My children,

I have given you all things in My Son—
life, peace, joy, and a love
that will guide you and teach you
how to walk and live in My ways.

I have made you complete in Him,
and in Him I have given you
eternal security that will protect you
through every tribulation
you can ever face.

Why are you slow to believe My word?
Why do you teach one another
that I will remove you from
the great tribulation
that is coming upon the earth?
Why have you added to My word
and nullified My promises
to sustain you during this time?

Is My Son's peace not
strong enough to keep you?

Must you invent your own promises
and put words in My mouth
that I did not speak?

Woe! Woe to those
who add to My words!

Woe to those who lull My people
to sleep with false promises
of earthly protection!

Woe to those who teach My children deception!

Repent and return to the gospel!

Repent before calamity overtakes you,
for the gospel of My peace
will be your only protection
in the days to come,
and you have exempted yourselves
from the very shelter I have provided you!

Come back to My shelter,
and you will find peace
that will be greater than
the tribulation you have feared."


Art: "Judged"

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