Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fighting for the World

"I have promised that I will never
leave nor forsake you,
and I have taught you that
all who desire to follow Me
will suffer for My sake.

But many of My people do not
want to risk suffering for My sake.

Instead they are fighting for
political power, military dominance,
economic advantage and profit.
They are fighting for their system
of government and trade
instead of living in My kingdom!

They are expending themselves
for the treasures of the world
instead of the treasures of heaven!

Listen, My beloved children:

Why spend your lives
for what will not last,
for what will not satisfy,
for what will not heal,
and for what will not
profit you in eternity?

Put your trust in My ways
and treasure what I treasure!
Follow My commands
and obey My teachings
and you will find everlasting peace
that neither army, nor terrorist,
nor poverty, nor politician
can every take away!

Enter and abide in My kingdom!"


Art: "Clinging to Another Kingdom"

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