Sunday, January 11, 2015

"I Am Your Resurrection"

"I am with you
Though the armies come
Though the violence rage
I am still with you

I am holding you
Though you are hurt
Though you are harmed
I am still holding you

I am shielding you
Though you are beaten
Though you are tortured
I am still shielding you

I am protecting you
Though you are attacked
Though you are slain
I am still protecting you

I am preserving your life
Though you are destroyed
Though you are executed
I am still preserving your life

I am with you
When you die on your cross
When you breathe your last breath
I am still with you

I am your resurrection and life
I will receive your spirit
I will bring you home to Me
And I will raise you on the last day

I am always with you
And I will never forsake you
Nothing can separate you
from Me and My love."


Art: "In Suffering"


  1. I have been reading N.T. Wright's book on the Resurrection of the Son of God. Ramone, you have captured the essence of that book in this single post. This is true doctrine :)


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