Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The Path Through Babylon

"My people,

As night falls upon the world
I am calling you to walk a path:
I am calling you to carry the cross
through the midst of Babylon.

I am calling you to testify
because the city has been built
upon bloodshed and violence.
Many who have claimed My name
have rejected My teaching
and rebelled against My ways.

The offense they have caused
will bring persecution upon them
and upon all who bear My name—
both the innocent and the guilty.
Just as I was crucified between rebels
the innocent will suffer with the guilty.

I am calling you to walk
in the way of the gospel of peace,
testifying against the rebellion of Babylon
and calling My people to repentance.

The words I give you to speak
will be offensive to the violent
and those whose hearts cling
to the ways of rebellion.

Do not be afraid to follow Me,
for the faith to walk path of the cross
though it leads through suffering
is of greater worth than gold.

Walk in the path I have called you to
and follow in My footsteps.
As you join Me in My suffering
you will know I am with you."


"The Path I Have For You"

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  1. Amazing imagery and words, Ramone! God will raise up a persecuted bride with the fearless heart of warrior... She will be immersed in His agape love that will enable her to share the gospel with those who are His... but still in Babylon...


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