Wednesday, September 23, 2015

These Are the Days

"I know that much
of the behavior of those
who profess My name
does not reflect My teachings.

I know that many have used
the words of scripture
to support their agendas
and unloving actions.

I know that many have twisted
prophecies in scripture
that justify their disregard
of My teaching and commands.

Because of these things
many of you who hold
to My teachings and commands
have questioned, re-interpreted
and sometimes cast off belief
in the words I have spoken
through prophets in scripture.

Yet by holding onto
My teachings and commands
and by walking in My love,
you have held onto that
which is most important.

But the words I have spoken
through prophets in scripture l
are also true and did not come
by any prophet's own interpretation.

Those whose agape love
has grown cold and who
have forsaken My commands
are fulfilling the words I spoke
in the prophecies of Paul
and the book of Revelation.

They have become unthinking
and unfeeling as the brute beasts
of Revelation and have taught
rebellion and apostasy in My temple.

Death, war, exploitation
and destruction follow in their wake
as they ride out of My presence
like conquerors bent on conquest.

They have made an idol of Israel
and called all people to worship it,
blessing those who do
and cursing those who do not.

Those who cling to My ways of love
will not be deceived,
but those who forsake My commands
ignore the warnings of prophecy.

Do not forsake My love and My commands.
Keep faith in what I did
for you on the Cross,
and do not despise prophecies.
I will be with you until the very end."


Art: "Even As He Said"

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