Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Passing Greatness

"To the Church in America:

"I love your heart. I love how you desire to do what is right, and that you are so ready and willing to suffer and sacrifice for what you believe is right, and for one another. You've learned this from Me, for I laid down My life so that you could live.

"But I did not lay down My life so that you could have a nation or be prosperous in earthly riches. I laid down My life (and no one else's) to give you an eternal inheritance and heavenly treasures.

"Knowing this, some of your forefathers called themselves pilgrims, and recognized that they were strangers in this world. But later many laid down pilgrimage for the hope of a temporary nation. Many forgot the surpassing power of My freedom and My peace, and instead chose to strive, fight, take lives and sacrifice lives for a passing earthly hope.

"In prior centuries, many who bore My name laid down their lives for My name, My word and My love. But now, your forefathers, fathers and you have laid down your lives for your nation, your land, and for your earthly way of life. And this you hold to be the highest honor and sacrifice.

"Because you have so highly glorified your earthly freedom, your eyes have become veiled to the far greater freedom that I desire for you to have. And because you have so highly honored the greatness of dying for one's friends, you have not known the greatest love that comes from above: I loved you and died for you while you were still My enemies.

"Behold, the sacrifices of your fathers for your nation are blinding your eyes from seeing the truth of My word, My love, and the meaning of My name. You have become drunk on the glory of the old, and cannot discern the surpassing glory of the wine of My new covenant.

"Listen: The house that your forefathers built will not endure. The earthly freedom and way of life they died for will not endure. I am calling you to return to My freedom and My ways. Become pilgrims again and set your hearts on things above.

"As glorious as the sacrifices of your fathers and forefathers were—who laid down their lives for family, friends and earthly nation—there is no comparison to the everlasting glory of My eternal Kingdom and My sacrifice for you while you were My enemies.

"I am calling you out of the shadows of the graves of your fathers and forefathers, and into the light of My Father's love instead.

"Walk while there is still light, before your earthly house collapses and the darkness of its loss overtakes you."

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  1. Hi, Ramone: thanks for the link in your comment on "Following Judah's Lion."

    And thanks for the above word from God's heart !

    In Jesus, Steve


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