Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Word to Charismatic Churches

"To Charismatic Churches around the world:

I want you to know My love for you. And I want you to know My love for you is not based on how much you know or have been moving in My Spirit. My love for you is not based on how much you've learned of Me or have sought My face. I loved you before you ever desired to move with Me; and when you move apart from Me, I love you still.

I am calling you to return to My Spirit, because you have wandered, and I will let you wander only so far. Moving in My power and leaning on My breast are not the same thing. Performing My works can be done without knowing My heart. I want you to know My heart, and I want you to give Me your heart more than I want you to perform My works.

Before I told you to earnestly desire spiritual gifts, didn't I tell you to excel in love (agape)? For love (agape) is the key, root, fountain and goal of My Spirit's gifts. When you have love (agape), you have Me and all of My works. But when you don't have love (agape) or when you marginalize it, although you can still be used for My works you then disconnect from Me. Love (agape) is not elementary, nor is it entrance-level, nor is it a stepping-stone to greater works, for there is no greater work than love (agape).

Listen: Pursuit of My external signs is leading you away from My heart. I do not want you devoting your hearts or faith to movements only able to bring you near My works, or works that appear like Mine. I do not want you in love with the sensational, I want you in love with Me! I do not want you you in relation to what can be done through you or in you; I want relationship with you!

I miss you; Seek your first love."

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