Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"To the Church (and not yet to the world):

"I will take away many things (*) that have been a burden to you, though many of you have believed these were part of My Word. Because of their loss many of you will take offense, and some of you will try to rebuild them. Many will spend their spirits on returning to their lost earthly glory.

"Do not set your hopes on protecting accomplishments (**) or you will lose sight of Me and wander from My heart. I am all you need.

"Do not cling to self-pity and believe you have been wronged solely because you are righteous and others are wicked. For you must not stand for any righteousness other than Christ's.

"I am lifting a yoke off of your shoulders, and you will be more free because of it."

(*) - For example, church buildings, physical comforts, freedoms, financial prosperity, supports like "tithe", political power, church hierarchies, etc.

(**) - Things that Christianity/Christians have "accomplished" or "gained" throughout the years personally or socially, in society, in government, in legislation, legally, in nations, nationally, internationally, etc.


Art: "The Sauna of Your Presence"

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