Friday, April 13, 2012

'Christian' Walls

"I am coming!
I am coming to you
who call yourselves My people!
But will you recognize Me?

"For I am not coming to vindicate your righteousness
or the efforts you make to prepare for My coming.
Rather than walking in the gospel of My peace,
you have been strengthening walls of division—
between brothers in the Middle East
and among your own people.

"I called you to love one another as I loved you,
but you have put your 'rights' above My commandment.
I loved you when you were My enemies,
but you have withheld love from your enemies
until they acknowledge your righteousness.

"You have built walls between yourselves
and those who do not proclaim faith in Me,
though I did not call you to condemn the world
for its lack of faith or its blindness.
For I have not called you to the ministry
of convicting the world of its sin—
that is the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

"I have not called you to wage war on 'secular culture'
nor have I called you to create 'Christian nations.'
I have not called you to erect a temple for Me
in the high places of your laws and governments.
I have called you as a nation within all nations
to a kingdom above, which is not of this world.

"I did not command you to assist Israel in her desire
to gain an inheritance of land and so lose her own soul.
I did not call you to encourage Israel to defeat her neighbors,
but rather to encourage Israel to love her neighbors.

"In all of these things you believe
that you are preparing the way for My return.
You believe you have understood My will and
that you stand for righteousness in the world,
protecting what is right and opposing those who do evil.

"My beloved, you have built a fortress!
You have used your faith to keep out the unrighteous,
but you have kept Me out instead!

"Listen! I am coming!
I am coming to you before I come to the world—
not to affirm or reward you,
but to call you to repentance!

"My voice will not be accepted by many of you
who believe in your own righteousness,
for many of you in your hearts feel
that you are rich and in need of nothing.

"Yet I will come, and I will call My disciples
and they will follow Me away from the walls
to be clothed in My righteousness alone."

"Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed,
so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed."
(Revelation 16:15)


Art: "Not Needed"

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