Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Empty Words

"My people have been taught not to hear the spirit of prophecy!
'Words' from the prophets of Ahab have become
what My people recognize as 'prophecy',
and schools teach My people to prophesy in the flesh!
A movement has established the authority of Jezebel
and taught her ways as the 'secret things' of God!

Those who want to grow in faith and know Me better
are guided into chasing empty 'prophetic' words
which do not heal deep wounds or even speak My love,
but instead appeal to the flesh and the idols of the heart.
They are taught to seek new 'realms' and 'higher levels'
instead of simply resting in what I did on the Cross.

How long will I allow the 'words' of false prophets
to deafen My peoples' ears to My voice?"


Art: "Longing From Father"


  1. Lord, I'm tired of empty "prophetic words"! I know that You still speak today, and I know that You even speak often. But I have heard too many empty "words" prophesied: words about "revival", "breakthrough", "going to a higher level" or new "realm"! I have heard too many words appealing to the flesh and spoken for applause!

    Why do so many people think that speaking things we want is "prophesying"? Why is so much "prophesying" about some future event magically making things better? Why is the spirit of prophecy—the testimony of Jesus—so absent from "prophesying"? Why is "prophesying" rarely about resting in Your love and in the finished work of the Cross? Why do so many "prophets" toy with peoples' hopes instead of giving people Your peace?

    Lord! How long will You let Your beloved children be led in circles by these "prophets"?
    Lord! Your people are left still broken, still wounded and unhealed!
    Lord! Your people are being distracted and left in a fog of confusion!
    Lord! Your people are unable to hear Your voice because of these "prophets"!
    Lord! When will You silence these false prophets and turn Your people back to the Cross?

  2. The people "love to have it so," but the end will come. (Jer. 5:31)


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