Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pleading With Babylon

"My people in America are being ravaged
by their own fears because they have taken
their eyes off of My Son and His commands.

They cannot receive My peace
because they can only be at peace
if they have earthly prosperity and power.

Their joy in My kingdom has been taken away
because their hearts have been captured by
conservative politics and American nationalism.

Their souls are unable to rest
because they resist My Son's teachings
in favor of whatever exalts their nation.

What have you gained, My beloved,
by trying to save your worldly kingdom?
All you have now is anxiety, fear and bitterness!

You cannot serve Me and the American dream.
You cannot partake of the bread of My Son
and the leaven of nationalism.

Come! Be free, My beloved!
Why spend yourselves on behalf of what
does not satisfy and what will not endure?"


Art: "Clinging to Another Kingdom"

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