Wednesday, December 05, 2012

"After My Own Heart"

"My sons and daughters share My longing
to intercede and to be peacemakers
between those who don't know how much
I love them — and their enemies!

But many cannot understand My heart
because My name has been used in vain
to support sides instead of to save lives.
Many resist My peacemaking sons and daughters
because they cannot see or understand
the power of My agape love to bring peace.

Just as many did not understand
when My Son spoke commands of agape love
and when He died on the Cross to make peace,
so today many hearts have been hardened
against My agape love in word and action.

But just as the suffering of My Son
opened many eyes and softened many hearts,
in the same way the rejection of
My peacemaking sons and daughters
will draw many hearts to Me."


Art: "Peace Unstoppable"

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  1. I appreciate your posts very much. God bless you and open eyes through this labor of love.


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