Saturday, December 22, 2012

Disciples of Another 'Christ'

"Many of My people have not known My heart
and have not understood My mind —which is My Son—
because they are following the ways of another 'Christ'
instead of the way of the Cross.

My Son's kingdom is not of this world,
and He urged His disciples not to love their lives,
but commanded them to love their neighbors
and even to love their enemies.

But many of My people are following a 'Christ'
who tells them to fight to control their kingdom,
to pursue their own life, liberty and happiness,
and to eliminate their enemies.

My people are not being forced to disobey Me,
nor are they being hypnotized or controlled,
and neither are they being threatened or persecuted.
Yet My people are ready and willing to reject the Cross!

Do My people need a literal 'Babylon' government
if 'Babylon' already governs in their hearts?
Do My people need a literal 'Antichrist'
if they already follow the voice of a false 'Christ'?

Not everyone who says, 'Lord, Lord'
is truly a disciple of My Son.
Those who worship Me in truth must also
worship in the spirit of My Son."


Art: "Standing Against Me"

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