Sunday, December 02, 2012

Whose Measure?

"I am not against any people,
for I loved all people so much
that I died on the Cross to purchase them!
Yet those who call themselves ‘God's people’
kill and destroy My inheritance
in order to steal their land!

No one who fights their neighbor has known Me,
neither has anyone who steals from their neighbor.
I am not the author of the desire to possess the land,
nor am I the foundation of the state of Israel.
It was not My hand that gave victory over neighbors,
nor was it My hand that sent refugees into exile.

Woe! I am coming to bring justice,
righteousness, restoration and relief
for the homeless and the oppressed,
and I will show mercy to the merciful,
but those who have not shown mercy
will be judged with their own measure!"


Art: "Lawlessness"

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