Thursday, April 18, 2013

"My Prayer: Unity In Love"

"Who are the ones I gave My life for on the Cross?
Are there any that I have loved less than others?
Does one group mean more to Me than another?
Haven't I loved and carried the Cross for all?

I created each of you and set you
in the earth like stars in the night sky.
I called each of you forth because
in My eyes you are stars in the darkness.

My desire, My heart and My dream is for you
to love each other as I have loved you—
that you unite as one with Me
and with My love for each other.

But to many of you My dream seems
like an un-Christian creation of pagans.
You cannot believe that the unity I prayed for
is a unity in loving people with My love.

But still I share My dream with you.
For you are each an eternal treasure to Me
—you, your neighbor, and your enemy—
and I dream of having all of you as My bride."


Art: "Share My Dream"

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