Saturday, April 06, 2013

Asking For Whose Restoration?

"Many of you are praying and crying out for 'revival' in America,
but many of you are setting your hearts on a revival of 'America.'
Many of you desire a restoration of the patriotic glory and righteousness
which you believe America was founded with and blessed by Me with.

You cannot see that America was founded on injustice and unrighteousness,
and that its glory is not the glory of My Son crucified for My enemies.
Instead your glory is in the greatness you achieved through your wars,
through destroying and oppressing the nations I had placed in the land.

Therefore when I hear you praying, 'Heal our land', I tell you:

I will not bring about the kind of 'revival' you seek,
for the glory of 'America' is built on darkness.
But if you want America to be filled with My light,
you must repent to the Natives I set in the land,
and you must produce fruit in keeping with repentance.

You must let Me tear a hole in the glory of 'America'
and resurrect the nations 'America' buried.
Their restoration is not part of 'reviving America'
but instead it is revival in America—
bringing life out of the grave of 'America.'

When you have forsaken your pride and the myth of your righteousness,
and when you have expended yourselves on helping the oppressed,
then the nations and your own people will see My glory."


Art: "Revival In America"

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