Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creator's Regalia

On March 15th, I was impressed to listen to a recording I have of the hymn "We Gather Together" performed by a Cherokee flute player. Afterwards as I prayed, I began to see a vision...

I saw the inside of an Iroquois longhouse, and there were First Nations believers in Christ from many tribes gathered together. I saw a man in the regalia of a plains tribe and a fireplace behind him. He looked like Richard Twiss, and he was carrying something to show to everyone. I couldn't see what it was, but then the Lord spoke:
"I have gathered you together because I am calling you to intercede for those who have oppressed you. Their nation will not last. They are proud and believe they are strong, but they are blind and are already dying.

I am setting before you a plea from My heart: My beloved children are in captivity— will you set them free by sharing My life with them? Will you bless those who have cursed you in My name? Will you forgive those who have tried to destroy you in My name? Will you take this regalia—the garments My Son wore to the Cross—and wear it?"
Then I looked in Richard's hands and I saw a blood-stained robe of white, woven cloth. I saw streaks where tears made stains. I saw places where the garment had been torn by hardship, abuse, beatings and suffering. I saw dirt and sand ground into it. Then I saw Richard wearing the garment over his Native regalia, preparing to dance, looking forward and ready to sing. I saw him holding feathers, and believers from First Nations were following behind him, preparing to begin the dance.

I suddenly saw a Cross at the head of the procession (and I couldn't see Richard anymore), and the believers were coming out of the longhouse following the Cross into America. I saw believer after believer wearing the same bloodstained robe of white, torn from abuse and suffering and streaked with the stains of tears. Then I saw from the eyes of the Natives new tears, rolling down their faces and onto the tear-stained robe of the Cross, falling onto where Christ's tears had run as He forgave and interceded for His enemies.

And I heard Creator-Redeemer saying,


Art: "In the Pains of Birth"

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