Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pride Instead of Remorse

"Do I celebrate the greatness
of a nation built upon cheating
and destroying indigenous peoples?
Am I impressed with their 'accomplishments'?
Have I rewarded their nation
with the 'blessing' of prosperity?

Do those who oppressed Native Americans
and the descendants of the oppressors
owe their 'thanksgiving' to Me?

Haven't I suffered when Natives suffered?
Haven't I gone hungry when they went hungry?
Haven't I been cheated when they were cheated?
Haven't I been massacred when they were massacred?

Should you 'remember' them
by naming sports teams after them?
Should you put their images on your products
and dress your children like them for school games?

Is this how you 'honor' the oppressed?
Is this how you offer 'thanksgiving' to Me?

Pride! Pride!
Where is your remorse, America?
Where is your repentance
and the fruit of your repentance?

Spend yourselves on behalf of those
who have been oppressed and impoverished
by the founding of your nation!

For I have heard their cries
and I will not ignore them
as you have ignored them."


Art: "Founded On God's Word?"

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