Friday, November 15, 2013

Manifest Destiny

"America, I want you to know
the treasure that I set in the land
in its indigenous people,
and to be blessed through them.

But in your greed you have
abused their goodwill,
dishonored your treaties,
and tried to destroy them.

By seizing land with force
and using treachery,
you have rejected My will
and My blessings for you.

I am in the same neighbors
you defrauded and set aside,
instead of being valued,
honored and respected.

Because you have forsaken peace
and mistreated your neighbors,
you will also not know peace
and you will also be mistreated.

But for those among you who repent,
who seek reconciliation with them
and expend yourselves for their well-being,
I am waiting with healing and peace."


Art: "God Bless America?"

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