Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Word to Native Americans

"My children,

I am He who created all things
and I am He who redeems all things.
I am He who has been with you
since the beginning,
and I am He who will be with you
until the end of all things—
I am the Creator.

Your ancestors sought Me
and lived in reverence of My Spirit.
They saw My handiwork in creation
and longed to honor Me.
When their world was changed
they still sought Me and trusted
in My goodness and My will.

When they suffered,
I suffered with them;
when they were oppressed,
I was oppressed with them;
when they lost their homes,
I was homeless with them,
and I stayed with them in captivity.

I walked with them in exile,
I hungered with them,
I was sick with them,
I was depressed with them,
I was beaten with them,
I cried with them,
and I died with them.

I am He who is with you today,
even as your people continue
to suffer from traumas old and new.
I am He who is always with you
and who will never leave you.
There is no grief you know
which I do not know.

I will bring justice for you,
and I will punish those
who have oppressed you.
Woes are coming upon the land,
and the heavens will be shaken.
Do not be afraid when this happens,
but trust in Me and My love.

Forgive your enemies
and pray for those who
have persecuted you,
for they are also My creation—
they too are My precious children.
I want to save them
and set them free."


Art: "Creator Came Down"

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