Thursday, October 02, 2014

The End Appointed For Her

"What have you taken pride in,
My beloved children in America?
What have you built that will last?
Will your achievements remain for eternity?
Will your prosperity be transferred to heaven?
Will your boasts stand in My presence?

Is your freedom My freedom?
Is your military might My power?
Will your constitution be
celebrated in My kingdom?
Will your economic system be
the foundation of the New Jerusalem?

Will I forget the bloodshed
that you built your country on?
Will I excuse the greed you encouraged?
Will I erect your war monuments
in the new earth and around My throne?
Will I sing the praises of your battles?

My beloved, My beloved!
Didn't I warn you not to love
the things of this world?
Didn't I tell you that nothing
of the world will endure for eternity?

Many of you who have given
your hearts and your lives to America
will weep and mourn when she
comes to the end appointed for her,
and I will weep and mourn for you!

Come out of her, My people!
Come out of her in your hearts!
Set your hearts on My kingdom alone!"


Art: "The Pride of Babylon"

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