Sunday, October 05, 2014

"Not the Crown I Desire"

"I did not seek the crown,
the power, or the glory of
the kingdoms of the earth.

I did not desire the crown that
Satan offered Me in the desert,
but many of My people have.

They have sought power,
and have fought to conquer
the kingdoms of the earth.

In My name they have campaigned
to gain crowns and presidencies,
and have used them to enact their will.

Painting the cross on their shields
and their swords, they have tried
to force the nations to bow to Me.

But I was crucified when My people
sought and used power to enact
what they believed was My will.

And so again at the end of the age
those who seek power and the crowns
of the nations will again crucify Me.

In My servants who testify to Me
and hold to My commands,
I am again being rejected and crucified."


Art: "For Crown and Nation"

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