Wednesday, December 03, 2014

"Do Not Forsake Discernment"

"My people,

Many of you have learned
to find Me outside of the
modern structures of 'church'
and have awakened to many truths
you did not learn there.

I have given you understanding
and have blessed you as you
sought to become free
from systems of bondage.

But many of you have become proud
of being outside of the places
in which you once worshiped Me.
Many of you have also become
excited about any 'truth' that
diverged from the mainstream beliefs.

Many of My people in mainstream churches
are taught to discern according
to the walls of their church structures,
but true discernment is not
found by simply pursuing what
those churches have rejected!

Many of you have become enamored
by rejecting doctrines that they
consider of foundational importance;
many of you have become enamored by the idea
that writings church councils rejected in the past
must have been suppressed because of their 'truth.'

Do not be seduced by the
appearance of hidden secrets!
Do not be carried away by believing
that just because something has been suppressed
it automatically means it contains truth!
Do not believe with cheap discernment!

Haven't I declared that I do not
despise My captive people?

Do not look down on those who worship Me
inside broken church systems!

Do not despise the truths of the
faith I have entrusted to My people
—including those in captivity—
since the beginning of the Church.

Do not be proud of 'being outside'
and so fail to love and intercede
for those who are still 'inside'—
for they are My beloved children
just as you yourselves are.

There is one Rock—My Son—
and even though there has been
much confusion and division
amongst My people who call on Me,
My Spirit has not forsaken My bride."


Art: "Pride in Being Outside"

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