Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Discovery and Justice

"Come, My people,
come and look
at what was done
by your forefathers.

Come and discover
the doctrines they created
and used for their greed
to oppress nations in My name.

Come and repent, My people.
Come to the Cross and repent
to the descendants of the oppressed
for the sins of your forefathers.

Come, for I have nailed your sins
to the Cross of forgiveness,
but I want you to take part
in repentance and reconciliation.

Come and take part in healing
and bearing the fruit of repentance
for the descendants of the oppressed;
come and seek their restoration.

Come and see the magnitude
of your forefathers' sins,
and find salvation from their effects
in the forgiveness of the Cross.

Come and repent to them,
speak words of life to them,
and work for their healing
and for their restoration.

Come and repent—
be ministers of reconciliation.

Come and repent—
be ministers of healing.

Come and repent—
be ministers of justice.

Come and repent—
be ministers of the Cross."


Art: "Come Discover Repentance"

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