Friday, December 23, 2011

Reconsidering Agape

"Reconsidering Agape"

"My people, come in from the cold! Many of you have left My house by leaving My agape love, and you are in danger of freezing to death! You have sought the favor of other lovers—politics, power, law and profit. You have left My love in the name of going out to fight for and defend My house and My ways. You have exchanged the clothing of My righteousness for the rags of prostitution! But I did not create you to live in the cold—instead I created you for My agape love.

"Night is falling on this world, and it will grow more and more cold in love; the only safe place is in My agape love. Do not leave My love, for I am the only one who truly loves you unconditionally. Your other lovers will abuse you, strip you naked and leave you naked in the cold. Come home, My children!"

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