Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Receive My Heart!"

"Receive My Heart!"

"Look! I have set before you the broken, the wounded, the weak, the poor and the outcast. I have called you to reach out and love them, just as I reached out and loved you in spite of your brokenness. I have called you to love those who seem unloveable and those who give you no love in return, including your enemies.

"I am the God who loves and heals the brokenhearted, and if you would follow after Me, you must also love those whom I love. If you want Me to be your rock, you must trust Me and follow My ways—follow My love—even though the world grows cold around you.

"My love is the only safe place in the storm that is coming on the world! My love is the only refuge from the increase of wickedness in the world and the terror of disasters on the earth.

"I am He who loved you even as I was beaten, flogged and crucified. I am He who forgave those who crucified Me, and those whose sins I bore on the Cross. I am He whose heart was broken so that yours might be healed and made new.

"Only in My heart will you find life and wholeness. Only in My brokenness can your own brokenness be healed. Therefore I have called you to share in My love for the broken ones I set before you—not only for their sake, but for your own as well."

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