Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hidden Truth

"Hidden Truth"

"I am the God of truth, and I am the One who is perfect in knowledge. I am He who separates light from darkness and lays bare the thoughts and attitudes of every heart.

"I have called you to seek Me and find Me, but I have not called you to discover and systematize information about Me. I am beyond searching out, but I have revealed Myself so that you could know My heart of love for you. I sent My Son to you from My bosom—Him who is My very heart—and then gave you My own Spirit.

"I have opened My heart to you so that you could open your heart to Me! But many of you have become devoured by the pursuit of knowledge. Many of your hearts are broken and cannot be fulfilled by attaining more knowledge.

"I did not save you for this! I want you to be healed, and I want you to be at peace. I want you to trust Me: I love you and will never let you go."

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