Saturday, December 03, 2011

Equipped By Which Spirit?

"Equipped By Which Spirit?"

"My people, why are you wandering? You believe you are equipped with more spiritual knowledge, authority, power and training than most of My non-'charismatic' people. But much of your knowledge is not knowledge at all!

"Your 'covering' is medieval control, your worship is fashioned after man-made tradition, your 'anointing' is without discernment—often received from the ruler of the kingdom of the air—and you pursue one 'anointing' after another, being led away from the straight and simple path into the wilderness instead.

"Repent! Repent and cling to the straight and narrow path alone—My Son is the path! Return to your simple devotion to My Son! Let go of your pride, My people! Night is coming! Only 'Christ and Him crucified' will give you light!"


Art: "Blind Pursuit"

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