Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spirit of Destruction

"Unclean spirit! Unclean spirit!
Can't you discern the unclean spirit?

"Many are following the spirit of Babel,
building a kingdom to reach the glory of God.

"Many are following the spirit of Cain,
choosing to build their kingdom
upon the shed blood of their neighbors.

"Many are following the spirit of Balaam,
protecting their kingdom by providing
chances for their enemies to sin.

"Many are following the spirit of Haman,
seeking the favor of the King while destroying
the people from who He takes His bride.

"Woe! Woe! My people cannot see! My people cannot see!
They have taken their eyes off the Cross
where I died to purchase My enemies as My bride!
They have become lawless, having forsaken My command
to love as I loved them while they were My enemies;
instead they preach against it to the nations for the sake of Israel.

"Woe to those who seek glory and honor over all other nations!
Woe to those who build upon bloodshed!
Woe to those who set up their enemies for destruction!
Woe to those who claim to be My people but who persecute the ones I died for!

"Come out from among those who live as enemies of the Cross!
Return to your first love!"

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