Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last Hour Witnesses

"I am calling prophets
who will speak to My people
about their idols:
I will send you to those
who call for allegiance
to Israel and to America.

This will cause many
to speak against you.
I will make you a stumbling block
for many who believe
in the righteousness of
their nation and its ways.

I am going to make you a sign:
you will go and speak to many
who are unwilling to listen.
They will see My judgments
but they will interpret them
according to their own desires.

When you speak My message
they will be more hardened,
for their pride is a strong tower.
But when I send you and command you,
speak what I have given you to say,
the witness prepared for the last hour."


Art: "Two Beasts"

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