Friday, October 18, 2013

The Root of Babylon

"There is a deep root
behind the blindness of many
who are being swept away
by the lust of Babylon.

Many believe that I love their the nation
and that it is is established upon My word,
but they do not know that they are seeking
a kingdom built on overturning the ways of My Son.

In place of His mercy they want law.
In place of His love they want enforcement.
In place of His grace they want judgment.

I desire to redeem sinners,
but they desire to reject them.
I desire to embrace the wicked,
but they desire to destroy them.
I desire to bring home the wayward,
but they desire to shame them.

My people do not know My heart!
I gave My Son to save those who are perishing,
but they have used His name to judge them!
My people do not know who they are serving!

When My Son returns,
He will bring justice
to those who were judged,
but He will bring judgment
for those who judged them.

Many will say to Him,
'Didn't we fight for Your name?'
'Didn't we advance Your kingdom?'
'Didn't we defend You?'

But He will answer,
'You did not know My spirit.'

Many will be last
who esteemed themselves first,
and many will be first
who were esteemed to be last."


Art: "In the Time of the End"

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