Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Antichrist Blessings

Blessed are the rich,
for theirs is the land "blessed by God."

Blessed are those who have no valleys and sorrows,
for they are "favored by God."

Blessed are the proud,
for they will take dominion in this age.

Blessed are those who hunger to fight lawlessness,
for they will be filled by it.

Blessed are those who give what is deserved and earned,
for they will receive the same.

Blessed are the pure in doctrine,
for they already see their "God."

Blessed are those who bring peace through war,
for their victorious might proves that "God is with them."

Blessed are those who are "persecuted"
because they force conformity to the law,
for theirs is "the nation God founded."

Blessed are you when people dislike you, vote against you,
and disagree with you because of your "rightness."
Rejoice and be glad, because your cause will be rewarded,
for in the same way they criticize the conquerors who came before you.


Art: "Reaching Across"

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