Friday, October 25, 2013

Choosing Rebellion

"There will be a strong deception
among My people in the days to come:
many will be awed by the powerful signs
performed by those who claim to interpret
what is happening in the earth,
and they will speak great blasphemies
against My command to love one another—
they will replace it with the command to defend
the nations that My people believe I favor.

My witnesses are being called
to speak My message to the rebellious:
I do not want any to be lost
—all are precious and loved by Me—
but when they forsake My way
they will bring great sorrow and suffering.
I will send My prophets to call them to repent.
If they refuse to return to Me,
I will allow destruction to overtake them.

Why will My people be hard of heart?
Why will they close their ears to My cries?
Why will they refuse My pleas and My love?
Why will many of them choose
what leads them to be destroyed?"


Art: "Cloudy Vision"

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