Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Liberation from the School
of American Fear

"Those who profess to know Me but do not are being
drawn further and further from those who do know Me.
Those who look to Me to preserve 'America'
are separating further and further from those
whose hearts and minds are preserved by My peace.

"My name is confused with conservative politics,
and many cannot tell the difference between the two.
Those whose hope is in a vision of 'America'
cannot see the peace of the kingdom of heaven.
The fear of losing 'freedom' has a greater control over them
than the vision of the freedom of the Cross.
The desire to protect 'America' is preferred more
than the desire to follow the commands of agape love.

"Those who profess My name lead the way
in ministering suspicion and paranoia,
and many who are babes in their faith
are taught to grow in fear and anxiety
instead of in the peace, rest, and freedom of Christ.

"Come out of your unrest,
you who call yourselves My disciples!
Come out of your darkness and fear!
Come out of Babylon!"


Art: "The Ministry of Fear"


  1. This is a true word and will benefit all who take it to heart and seek comfort and peace in Jesus.


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