Monday, February 09, 2015

Exceptions to the Cross

"Listen to My heart's cry—

I am He who died
to save those who crucified Me.
I loved My enemies
whether or not they ever
came to repentance.

My beloved people,
I did not permit you
to make exceptions
to My commands.
I asked You to love your enemies
as I loved you while you
were My enemies.

Do not make your love
conditional on what
you think the outcome
of their choices will be.

Do not differentiate
by the degree of violence
and hatred your enemies
appear to have.

You were loved
regardless of your sins,
and I have called you
to love with the same love
that I gave you.

I have promised
to be with you
through every tribulation.
Therefore take up your cross
as I took up Mine.
Leave the outcome to Me,
and follow Me."


Art: "Born For This"

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