Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Understanding Revelation

"Didn't I say that eating the scroll
would be bitter in your stomach?

Perhaps you looked forward to
prophesying to the nations about
their sins instead of your own?

Maybe you envisioned yourself
as Elijah and the nations
as the prophets of Baal?

My word is a double-edged sword—
it convicts the nations
but it also convicts you.

My law of love is a mirror—
it reveals things about others
but firstly it reveals things about you.

Many of you want to prophesy
and convict the nations,
but do not want to look in the mirror
and subject yourselves to My word.

Who among you will eat the scroll
of Revelation instead of merely
tasting it in your mouth?

Who among you will swallow My word
and allow your hearts to be pierced
by the double-edged sword?

Who among you will repent
and put on sackcloth
before the nations?"


Art: "Finally Understanding the Scroll"

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Ramone. Again, you have posted something which has confirmed the Holy Spirit's dealing with my own heart in recent days.


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