Monday, February 16, 2015

Who is Your Lord?

"Pay attention, My people!
Pay attention to the commands
My Son gave you which
you have ignored!

My Son spoke no idle words
and gave you no commands
which would work against My purposes.

Many have declared My Son's commands
to be unrealistic, impractical,
merely idealistic, and even foolish.
They have refused to take up the cross
and have created a 'Christ'
in their own image.

You have been called to follow My Son
not to pick and choose whichever
of His teachings you think
are realistic or not.

If you do not follow His commands
then He is not your Lord.
If you follow ways that are
against His commands
then you are following
the spirit of the antichrist.

My Son is coming
to raise up every valley
and bring low every high place.

Will you humble yourselves
or will My Son's appearance
catch you by surprise?"


Art: "Offensive Grace"

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