Saturday, February 21, 2015

Foolish Virgins

"My people,

I told you to always be ready to give
an answer to anyone who asks you
about the hope I have given you.

I did not tell you to use My word
for attacking the beliefs of others
or for 'taking the land' in My name.

Do not seek combat with
your brothers and sisters,
but clothe yourselves with love.

Your war is not against the beliefs of others,
but against the spiritual darkness
in your own hearts— pride, greed,
and the desire for power and control.

As you conquer these
and give to the world
the love I gave to you,
all people will know
that you are My disciples.

Do not use My word apart from My spirit—
apart from My love.
Do not be foolish virgins."


Art: "Without Love"

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