Monday, November 07, 2011

Crying For Peace

"I hear your cries, I hear your pleas.
I know your suffering and your longing for peace.
I am the One who weeps with you,
and I am also the One who weeps for you.

"Therefore I tell you that if you want peace,
you must let go of what you believe is yours by right.
I am the One who ascended to heaven
not by taking what is My right,
but by laying down My rights.
I am the One who receives My inheritance
through suffering on the Cross.

"Which do you want?
Do you want to fight for perishable land
and yet live without peace?
Or do you want to look instead
to an imperishable heavenly inheritance
and discover a peace that will
keep you in any tribulation?"


Art: "But Not This!"

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