Thursday, November 17, 2011

Slavery ("For Your Own Good")

"Many of the pastors, teachers and prophets among My people
are leading My people into prostitution:
They are teaching My people that they must do
the works of the old covenant to please Me
so that I will give them a blessed life.
Many of these leaders know I do not require obedience
to the regulations of the old covenant.
Yet they continue to teach My people the ways of slavery
in order to keep their own place and position.
They put My people in slavery and say it is for their own profit.

"And so many of My people don't know how much I love them!
Many are trying to earn enough 'currency' with Me
to attain what they are taught is 'a blessed life'.
Their teachers have them look for satisfaction
in the ways and means of the world.

"How much longer will I endure this?"

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