Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"To the Seven Churches"

"Look! Look, My people!
Outwardly much has changed, but spiritually you have
the same trials, strengths and weaknesses
that the seven churches had long ago:

"Many believe they have grown in wisdom and discernment,
but cannot see that they have forsaken their first love."

"Others who are esteemed as unblessed are rich in My sight,
and though they are called cursed, I call them faithful."

Eagerness to Fight:
"Some think they are called to defeat their enemies by all means,
and so they spend their spirit striving against flesh and blood."

"Some believe they have learned prophetic secrets
and constantly seek to attain more authority,
while idols in their hearts hold them captive."

The Appearance of Perfection:
"There are also those who appear straight and clean,
but who are dead or dying inwardly."

Holding Onto the One Thing:
"Many appear small and weak in the eyes of those who seem strong,
yet are actually firmly in My grasp,
and are holding firmly to the one thing that is necessary."

Being 'First':
"And many who believe they are leading the way
in pointing to righteousness in the world
have unwittingly turned away from Me."

"Look! Look, My people!
I have spoken of all things concerning you today
in My letters to the seven churches.
Look to the spirit of things
and not on the outward appearance.
Listen to My Spirit
—listen to My heart—
for I am coming soon!"


Art: "Seven Spiritual Realities"

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