Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Can You See Their Tears?"

"Can you see the tears
of the least of these—
My brothers and My sisters
suffering in your streets?

Can you hear their cries
without making excuse?
Can you recognize
the system of abuse?

Will you stand idly by
while they suffer the same?
Will you ignore their tears
and say they are to blame?

I hear their weeping voices
I hear their prayers to Me
When they cry for justice
When they long to be free

I stand with them through
their griefs that come like rain
I am He who shares
their suffering and pain

I will not hear excuse for
systemic injustices
I will not justify
those who give them distress

Arise, My people, and take
My yoke upon yourselves
Lift up the oppressed ones
And recognize their hells

Go spend yourselves upon
behalf of the oppressed
Go and be My disciples
And do not fail this test

For if you claim to be
followers of My Son
His cross you, too, must bear
His race you, too, must run

For one day He shall ask
if you came to His needs
when He was suffering
among you in your streets

O can you see Him now
in minorities and poor?
Can you hear Him calling
knocking upon your door?

He calls you to come forth
He calls your heart awake
For He will come and judge
with the measure you make

What measure would you wish
that He use upon you?
Will yours be like His own
merciful, just, and true?"


Art: "O Say Can You See?"

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