Thursday, December 04, 2014

"Your Children Will Return"

"Did I not promise My people
that I would bring their children back?
Did I not promise that you
would wear them as ornaments?

Behold, I am awakening your children!
They will seek out their people;
they will seek out their elders;
they will write their tribes on their hands.

Be comforted you who have been downcast!
I will bring healing to your generations
and I will enlarge your family
that has been devastated.

I will create praises on the lips
of the mourners of your tribes,
and you will say to yourselves,
'Where have all of these come from?'

Your people will be restored;
your bereavement will end;
your children will song your songs,
and will praise Me in your languages.

Open wide your arms, My people!"


Art: "Inheritance"

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