Friday, December 26, 2014

Raising the Wrong Standard

"My people,

I know you love your brothers and sisters
and you want all of them to know Me
and to be saved for eternity.
I know you want to see My name honored
and lifted high in your land.

Because of this many of you have sought
to have your laws and political leaders
declare that I am the Lord of your nation.
You believe that doing so will bring blessings,
witness to Me, plant seeds of faith,
and will raise a powerful standard
against social and economic ills.
You believe that the proclamation
will work wonders even among
those who don't believe in Me.

My people, didn't I say that all people
would know My followers by My love?
Didn't I say that on the last day
many would call Me 'Lord'
but I would tell them, “I don't know you”
unless they did the will of My Father?

Why are you trying to bypass My love?
Why are you seeking a shortcut
around My teachings?
Shouldn't you be following the ways
that I taught you instead of seeking
to enact laws in the way of Constantine?
Have I commanded you to make
every tongue confess My name
and make every knee bow to Me?

There are no shortcuts, My people!
There is no other way but what
I have taught you in word and deed!
There is no greater way to witness
than to love one another as I commanded!

Do not try to bring 'revival' or My kingdom
with political authority and control!
Do not raise the standard of another 'Lord'
by using the ways of Constantine!"


Art: "Other 'Ways'..."

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