Sunday, December 28, 2014

"Healing at Wounded Knee"

Women, children, elders and men
Gunned down by the Seventh Cavalry
Slaughtered without human mercy
Generations scarred at Wounded Knee

No justice have your people seen
No remorse, nor apology
The killers have Medals of Honor
For the slaughter of Wounded Knee

The blood of the slain cries out there
From the ground stained mercilessly
The wounds carry on to this day
The legacy of death at Wounded Knee

Creator saw and wept from above
He created no one for such misery
He will bring healing in His love
Healing for the trauma of Wounded Knee

His tears for your people are great
He felt all of the pain at Calvary
There His blood was shed to redeem
The blood that was shed at Wounded Knee

One day He will ride on a white horse
Faithful and true, you shall see
Your slain shall rise from the grass
From the bloodstained grass of Wounded Knee

Wrapped in His blood that redeems
You will dance there free joyously
His justice will right all these wrongs
He shall redeem Wounded Knee

O for that Day to come soon!
O for the healing that will be!
O for that dance to begin
At the healing of Wounded Knee!


Art: "Phiyá"

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